5 Simple Steps to Gout Relief


5 Simple Steps to Gout Relief

Best Gout Medicine Big Toe PainWhen high uric acid strikes, the pin-pricking, blistering joint pain can make sleep near impossible and leave you in agony for days. The joint becomes so inflamed and sensitive that the touch of a bed sheet can be too much to bear. You want the pain gone…and FAST. So, what can you do?  You need the best gout medicine possible!


Here are five steps to a speedy recovery:

 Step 1: Anti-Inflammatory Medication

As your first line of defense, an anti-inflammatory (NSAID) like ibuprofin might be your best gout medicine for that quick relief. This is a tried and true remedy for the pain and inflammation, but it won’t help you get rid of the uric acid crystals themselves. Remember, like mom always said, don’t take an anti-inflammatory on an empty stomach! NSAIDs like ibuprofin are hard on the stomach, so make sure to eat something first and don’t resort to an anti-inflammatory as a long term treatment.  For long term, this isn’t the best gout medicine, but it’s effective, and has proven results. This is my personal recommendation, Liquigel caps, they’re fast working and worked for me!

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Step 2: Drink Water

One of the best gout medicines is nothing more than water!  Yes, water, lots of it. When high uric acid strikes, that means the body is overloaded with uric acid, so the more water you drink, the more you neutralize the acid and relieve your body of it through urine. So drink up!  

You can even get Amazon to deliver water straight to your home!  I like Fiji water, but any high quality water is going to work.

 Step 3: Rest and Recline

When the high uric acid flair up strikes, you do NOT want to be on your feet. This goes without saying. By resting and keeping your foot raised, you’ll get less blood flow to the already inflamed joint, which will reduce the pain.  Relaxation is the best medicine, not just for gout!

A good bed is essential not only to your mental health and relaxation, but if you’re stuck in bed, it had better be comfortable!  I like this bed, from Amazon.  It’s got Captain’s drawers under the bed (so you don’t have to get out of bed to have access to stuff!), and most importantly, they deliver!  Of course, you’ll want to select a comfortable mattress, too.

Step 4: If Possible… Ice it

Depending on how severe your pain is, an ice pack could really help soothe the inflammation and joint pain. Make sure to ice the joint in 20-30 minute intervals.  For a severe gout attack, the best gout medicine is ice, ice baby! 

I’ve often had to wrap ice-packs to keep it in place, so one with an adjustable, preferably Velcro, connector is preferred.  You don’t want it TOO tight, but the more surface of the ice pack against your gouty area, the better!

This one is good for your foot, but not your ankle or knee.

This wrap works perfectly for your ankle, but not your knee or foot.

I personally this wrap is one of the best I’ve tried.  It worked on my arms, legs, knee, elbow, and anywhere else that it can fit.  It’s got a full 360 coverage, which is valuable for deep gout pain, and it’s adjustable.  This is one I highly recommend!

Step 5: Tart Cherries

They’re delicious, and when high uric acid strikes, they’re your best friend. Tart cherries contain anthocyanins, which help block the pro-inflammatory COX-1 and COX-2 and also help your body get rid of uric acid, but without getting into too much detail let’s look at the results:

“Our study included 633 individuals with high uric acid. Cherry intake over a 2-day period was associated with a 35% lower risk of high uric acid flair ups compared with no intake”


When it comes to Tart Cherry extracts, this is the one I’ve tried.  It’s had good results at helping me prevent, and treat gout attacks, so I have every confidence it will help you!

I like this Tart Cherry Extract because it comes in “tart” and “light”.  I have to say, as much as I like cherries, the tart juice is exceedingly difficult to drink.  Yes, they suggest you mix it in water (the best method), as well as mixing it into another type of drink like lemonade.  But I’ve had a lot of difficulties getting past the taste, no matter how effective the medicine is.

It should be noted that the studies above are using a cherry concentrate, and the results are linear, meaning the more cherries the person ate or drank, the better the results. In this study, participants ate between 45 and 90 cherries…

…for most people, eating and let alone buying that many cherries is just plain unrealistic…

And real trouble with high uric acid is the frequency of attacks. According to WebMD, those who’ve suffered a first high uric acid flair up have a 62% chance of suffering another within a year, and that number goes up to 80% within two years…

With such a great chance of repeat occurrences, what high uric acid sufferers really need is a strong preventative, but other than tip-toeing through your diet day after day, are there any other options?

There are. And thousands of people have been using them to both successfully prevent high uric acid and decrease the time it takes to recover from high uric acid. They’re natural remedies have ingredients specifically chosen to target uric acid buildup and help your body get rid of it…

This one specifically, is one that I have been using for a while with great effect.  It keeps my uric acid levels low, and allows me to, basically, eat what I want!

This is the best gout medicine I have found.  Uricel is available over the counter (and at Amazon), has the perfect blend of ingredients: Tart Cherry, Celery Seed, Tumeric, Yucca Root, Devil’s Claw, and very importantly, Chanca Piedra.  Best of all, there’s basically no taste!

So, which one should you choose?

That’s the tricky part. Not all high uric acid remedies are created equally; some will have different ingredients, some of those ingredients will be better quality than others, and some of those remedies will charge you twice as much for half the product!

The only real way to know what works for you is to try!  What is the best gout medicine for you?