Best Gout Medicine: Home Remedies

What is the Best Gout Medicine?

Not getting it, of course!  But that’s not always a possibility.  Most people don’t even know they have it, until they have to deal with the pain and inflammation associated.

Best Gout Medicine Big Toe Pain

That aching, throbbing pain in the top of your foot, that simply appeared overnight?  Been there, done that.  Your big toe red, swollen, and painful to the touch?  Yup, been there too.  Your Achilles heel throbbing, and you can’t walk?  Can’t zip your pants because your thumb is too swollen?  Guilty.


The pain of a bed sheet covering your foot too much to bear?  Been there.  Missing work because your shoes don’t fit?  Did that, too.  When it comes to gout pain in my foot, I am an expert.

As a long term gout sufferer, I have tried all sorts of different gout medications.  Sometimes I would get a prescription from a Doctor (when I could afford it), other times, I was stuck with home remedies.

One of the first times I got gout, I was doing heavy calisthenics every day, jogging, and basically being highly athletic.  I was studying martial arts, and I was about as fit as I have ever been in my life.

That’s when I got the sharp foot pain in the top of the foot.  My right foot was swollen, but not terribly.  There was a sharp pain across the top of my foot, and when I walked it hurt.  I hadn’t done anything, I thought, to aggravate it, beyond my jogging, calisthenics, and normal workout.  It hadn’t hurt any other day, so what happened?  My instructor thought it was a stress fracture, and that seemed as likely as anything else.  I worked out, but instead of jogging, I did squats.  Instead of jumping jacks, I did squats.  Instead of pushups…well, i still did pushups.  But you get the idea.  On testing day, where he pushed us to our limits and beyond I ended up doing near a thousand squats.

At the time, my diet was terrible.  I ate fast food, drank sodas, and generally didn’t watch what I ate, except as it went into my mouth.  Since I was constantly working out and burning calories, I thought I didn’t have to worry about what, exactly, I was eating and drinking.  Add on top of that, I was frequenting bars and clubs fairly often.  Hey, I was 27, it’s what you do!  So I was young, healthy, and unaware of what lay in store for me.

When I came to class one day with my foot in pain, we thought it was a stress fracture.  The foot pain in the top of the foot was the first sign of my decades-long battle with gout.  I didn’t know it was gout pain in my foot, but I certainly got to know it well after that!

I ignored it, and kept working out.  It went away a week or two later.  There wasn’t a whole lot of pain (except when I worked out, walked, drove, or did anything), so I didn’t think about any medication, let alone gout medication!

Then, I ended up moving from California to Arizona, and it was a full year or more before I felt the gout return.  This time, it was in my big toe.  It was impossible to ignore – except I had to be in the wedding party for my friends wedding.  In Pennsylvania!

So I had to traverse the airport with gout pain in my foot.  I was limping badly, and knew I wouldn’t make the gate.  My friend put me in a wheelchair, and ran (literally) through the airport, as the rest of my friends begged the crew to wait.  Since this was before 9/11/2001, it was no issue, and we ran crazily through the checkpoints and onto the plane with no issues.  I ended up canceling a short trip to New York due to the pain.

I also discovered that Ibuprofen would help with the inflammation and the pain.  It became a solution I relied on pretty regularly.

I have learned, for immediate gout pain relief, I need to apply ice, directly to the area in pain.  I’ve learned to take some Ibuprofen to help the inflammation and pain.  When I feel the pain start, I take it easy, and rest.  Walking only helps inflame it more!

And I drink a lot of water.  Everything I’ve learned over the years has been collected here, for your relief!

It’s my sincere hope you find some measure of relief from the suggestions here.

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  1. Hi Scott, this is a very interesting website. I can clearly see that it was created by someone who is personally suffering from gout, therefore knows what he is talking about and obviously has tested a great number of the products he is proposing.

    Thanks for sharing this great information and I look forward to reading more articles as you post them.


    1. Thanks John! I’m glad my personal interest is clear – because it’s REAL! 🙂

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